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Clade has partnered with IFTech, a specialist underground thermal storage provider, to add thermal storage to our list of services.

Thermal storage is set to become a big deal as the cost of energy continues to rise and we’re ever more conscious of the carbon cost of wasting it. Storing heat and cool for short or long periods will even out the demands on the power grid, reduce costs for consumers and make a major contribution to reducing the UK’s carbon footprint.

Underground thermal storage is efficient and in the long term cheap too. It does depend on the underlying geology. Did you know that the UK has some of the most diverse geology in the world?

The demand for cooling is set to increase as global temperatures rise and as the frequency of heat waves also increases. Currently, cooling is generated by rejecting heat to the atmosphere, hugely wasteful. Storing cool in the ground when its available for free and then using it when it’s required is low cost and low carbon.

Balancing heat and cool, both generation and demand provide the ultimate opportunity for thermal efficiency. This is exactly what IFTech’s technology delivers.

IFTech is a Belgian-based company with 20 years of experience designing, building and operating these systems, resulting in more than 60 projects in Belgium and 10 projects in the UK. With their in-depth knowledge, they can service clients with Energy Service Contracts.

Read more about IFTech here.

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