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Our Research & Development

Our R&D Approach

Through integrated refrigeration and heating solutions Clade’s R&D team are leading the way in the use of reduced energy, low carbon products combined to supply heating and cooling. With the close coupling of CO2 plant and heat pumps using the same refrigerant the company is developing a range of solutions which are suitable for all sectors, from agriculture to food retail.

With its internal R&D team based at Clade’s Technology Hub in Leeds the company is available to advise its customers on the latest legislative changes. The Clade R&D team are on hand to support with the early stages of any projects development, through feasibility to a finalised design, supporting the customer through the complete product or project journey.

We don’t shoehorn solutions – we work with customers to deliver the best outcomes for them. Each situation and installation is different, and we treat it as so. That means our customers get the most out of our products in the short, medium and long term.

Don’t just take our word for it – Read some of our case studies here and browse some of our testimonials here.

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