Supermarkets & Hypermarkets //


Refrigeration for supermarkets & hypermarkets

Clade Engineering has significant experience in large retail projects which are often complex. The design, phasing and execution of these requires careful planning and engagement with all key stakeholders involved. Having delivered many of the most complex refrigeration solutions in live shopping environments, Clade Engineering has proven its expertise and ability with these challenging projects time and again.

We understand that every food retail trading day lost is a day that cannot be replaced by our retail customers and as such, our design and project management teams are trained to maximise trading asset availability, whilst minimising the customer impact.

Design, manufacture & install

Transitioning large store formats from HFC to natural refrigerants is a specialisation that Clade Engineering has developed and built upon as the move to naturals has gathered pace. With its internal design, project planning, installation and commissioning teams Clade Engineering is able to manage the most difficult Supermarket or Hypermarket projects whilst being flexible and delivering to the exacting standards that retail demands.