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At Clade, we’ve designed and installed professional Co2 refrigeration systems for over 30 years. We’ve undertaken large commercial refrigeration projects, such as large-scale food distributors as well as other commercial properties. Clade also has refrigeration solutions for domestic properties, helping your home become more sustainable. Installation is part of our broader design, manufacture, and maintenance package, but it also serves as a standalone service.

Our Refrigeration Installation Process

Our installation process is entirely bespoke, catered to your property’s needs. We pay careful attention to install your new refrigeration system properly, whether we have designed it or if you’ve chosen one of our pre-made refrigeration options. We do a thorough property survey before installation, walking through the site with you to note your preferences and specifics about the building. Only after we’ve conducted a detailed assessment of the property will our installation experts come and install your new Co2 refrigeration system. We do our best to disrupt your business operations as little as possible and will clean up all our materials and equipment when we are finished.

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Clade refrigeration products lead the industry in sustainability and are available for various sectors, including agriculture, commercial, data centres, residential, and industrial and manufacturing. Browse our range of refrigeration options.


The Clade CO2 Micro pack is a 20-70 kW single temperature, refrigeration pack that has been developed for smaller Food Retail applications such as Convenience stores. This product delivers CO2 performance at a competitive cost.

Max Pack

The Clade CO2 Max pack is a 200kW-1mW refrigeration pack that can be supplied as LT only, MT only or a dual temperature variant. With several component selection options, including compressors, controls, enclosure, gas cooler etc.


The Birch dry air cooler and pump station solutions have been designed to cater for a wide variety of applications across the food retail and commercial sectors. This water based, closed loop condensing solution is designed to manage a broad range of duties.


The Alder range of R290, medium temperature chillers are designed to deliver a fluid temperature range from -10°C to +6°C and a capacity range from 10 kw to 400 kw. Primarily used for commercial and industrial process cooling applications.

Universal pack

The Clade CO2 Universal pack is a 40-220 kW dual temperature refrigeration pack that can be universally adapted to meet a given requirement. With various options on component selections, housing requirements, close-coupled gas cooler selections.


The Clade CO2 Combi-Pack is a 70-320 kW dual temperature refrigeration pack designed for ease of installation and simplicity. Combines a high efficiency CO2 pack with a low noise, weatherproofed housing and gas cooler to streamline the installation process.


The Clade CO2 Continental rack is a 40-200 kW dual temperature refrigeration rack that has been designed for ultimate efficiency. Incorporating the option for parallel compression to enhance COP’s, it’s an ideal choice for warmer climates.

Additional refrigeration Services

Installation is only one part of the comprehensive Co2 refrigeration services we offer. Although we can provide installation as a separate service, it’s also part of our full package, which includes design, manufacture, and maintenance as well. When you work with us for the entire process, we can guarantee the quality of your new refrigeration system, especially if our engineers have designed it. Our full refrigeration services allow you to benefit from complete control of temperature and peace of mind knowing that your system is energy efficient. To ensure your system functions properly for years to come, we also offer ongoing support and maintenance packages.


Your refrigeration system will be designed to adhere specifically to your needs. With our experience designing solutions for factories, distribution centres, and retail stores, we know how to create the perfect system for your requirements.

Refrigeration Designers


We manufacture our refrigeration systems with high performance and durability in mind, using the latest techniques to enhance your system and ensure it lasts a long time.

Refrigeration Manufacturers


After the installation of your refrigeration system, we provide ongoing support. We can do regular surveys and various repair services, which you can choose from among our After Sales Support packages.

Refrigeration Maintenance


“Over the past year TRIOS and Clade Engineering Solutions have worked closely together in delivering service to a range of retail and non-retail customers. Clade has proven to be a reliable partner and demonstrated its ability to react quickly and efficiently to customer requests and problems. Through system usage and great communication Clade has rapidly evolved as a partner of choice to TRIOS. The fact that Clade has both service and installation capabilities has given TRIOS confidence that we can rely on them in every situation, where our customers have a refrigeration or mechanical problem. Clade repeatedly demonstrates its customer focused credentials and continues to give great focus and service to TRIOS and our customers.”

Wm. Morrison Supermarkets Plc

“Clade have completed new installations on large stores, and refurbishment work within our main estate, and have many more planned in the future.

Their communication, efficiency and can do attitude make them a key strategic partner in our future within both M-Local and main estate. The key to their success with Morrisons is their transparency, and honesty. Nothing is hidden, and no conversations are off limits, they, as a team, are willing to bring new ideas to the table to make efficiencies, and also accept learnings from other teams to improve themselves.

I have absolutely no qualms in recommending them for any work, and hope that you consider them as the added benefit they can bring is invaluable.”


“Clade have proved themselves to be a competent and diligent contractor for Marks and Spencer, their work has been delivered to a high standard with quality being the focus. Their deliver of M&S high profile stores has surpassed performance expectations. Clade has proved itself as a growing contractor with a bright future.”

CTS Shopfitting Ltd

“We have worked with Clade on numerous Co-op projects throughout many years and find them to be very professional and reliable with excellent communication both on and off site. The project management team work alongside ourselves and are very proactive when required.”

Key Property Solutions Ltd

“Thank you for the excellent work you did at M-Local Doncaster. It made a refreshing to change to come across a contractor who could adapt to change as speedily as yourselves and reacted pro-actively to anything that was required. I look forward to working with Clade again in the future.”


“Clade Refrigeration (now Clade Engineering Solutions) has worked for The Co-operative Group for over 12 years. In this period they have delivered a large number of projects, some of these being high profile developments which have been installed to a very high standard indeed. Their willingness to help and Give support to the client, associated suppliers and the wider industry is noticeable, whilst they also take the time to give valuable feedback on new innovations and products. They have proved themselves in all instances to be a partner and a contractor that repeatedly delivers to the highest standards.”