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Refrigeration for convenience stores

The cash rich, time poor lives that many people now live have changed shopping habits in the UK considerably. The weekly or fortnightly shop is largely a thing of the past for the majority of the UK population. To reflect these changes in habits many food retailers have honed their convenience offer. The development of low cost model stores which permit fast and efficient shopping has led to simple convenience formats. The stores are basic, cost effective, and their refrigeration systems reflect this by utilising uncomplicated refrigeration plant and equipment, whilst meeting the same stringent demands of the f-gas regulations and food safety standards.

Clade Engineering has delivered many hundreds of new stores and refits throughout its history and fully understands the retailers need to undertake fast and cost sensitive projects to meet the customer demands. This is now especially true as this space becomes ever more competitive, with all retailers seeking to meet the changing shopping habits of customers. With shopper loyalty being less than certain, a refit store closed for a day longer than necessary could cost the retailer in terms of custom and trade. As such Clade Engineering operates a convenience focused team which specialises in delivering high quality, cost-effective new space and refits to food retail convenience estates.