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Farming continues to be one of the UK’s largest manufacturing sectors with food and drink, which contributes over £120 billion to the country’s economy, British farming provided 64% of the food eaten in the UK, up 2% on 2018. However, until recently the UK agri-food supply chain has been almost completely dependent on fossil fuel derived energy to maintain the supply of food to consumers.

Decarbonising this sector must be a priority in order for the UK to meet its 2050 Net Zero carbon commitments. With highly efficient natural refrigeration solutions coupled with heat pump applications, the team at Clade are well placed to support the nations growers and producers as they aim to meet their own carbon targets.

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Enabling a smooth F GAS PHASEDOWN

However, with much of the Agri sector still lagging behind in the take up of natural refrigerant technology there is much to be done to meet the phase down in availability of commonly used HFC refrigerants, which will amount to just 21% of the total used in 2015. The quota of HFC refrigerants available to industry will steadily decline up to and beyond 2030 with the cost greatly increasing. The use of refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential of greater than 2500 will be banned for service and maintenance purposes from 2030, as such, the clock is ticking for this diverse sector.

The use of heat pumps to capture rejected heat from the refrigeration cycle can support greater yields for some growing applications or indeed this heat may be used in the production or packing processes. Clade’s aim is to assist in making UK farming as efficient as it possibly can be, supporting British Farmers as they endeavour to increase their share of the food eaten in the UK.