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The Clade CO2 Continental rack is a 40-200 kW dual temperature refrigeration rack that has been designed for ultimate efficiency. Incorporating the option for parallel compression to enhance COP’s, it’s an ideal choice for warmer climates. Like most Clade products, many of the key component selections, such as compressors and controls are customisable on a project-by-project basis. The heat reclaim option provides the potential for the re-purposing of waste heat that is generated during the refrigeration cycle. This heat can be used for various applications such as environmental heating, pre- heating of water for production processes or general hot water, maximising overall system efficiency. The ability to combine cooling and heating makes the Continental rack suitable for various food retail applications such as, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets. Its flexible design makes it a worthy candidate for large Commercial / smaller Industrial applications too, particularly considering any facility that requires a combination of freezing, chilling and heating.

The Continental rack can be combined with our Rowan and Oak Air-Source CO2 heat pump ranges to provide seamless supplementary heating to a chosen application.


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