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Our Birch HT R290 Heat Pump

Introducing the new Birch R290 HT heat pump, a groundbreaking solution for high-temperature heating needs. Engineered as a direct replacement for traditional boilers, the Birch HT delivers up to 80°C flow temperature with 70°C return while achieving 100% heat decarbonisation without requiring modifications to your existing building infrastructure. Available in 50kW and 70kW models, this heat pump utilises environmentally friendly R290 propane refrigerant.

Key features include low noise options, wall-mounting capability, leak detection, and advanced smart remote monitoring. The Birch HT is ideal for seamless decarbonisation and integration into bi-valent systems, ensuring unmatched performance and efficiency.

Benefits of Birch HT Heat Pumps

  • Direct replacement for a boiler
  • Flow temperature up to 80°C with 10-12°C temperature differential
  • 100% heat decarbonisation without building modifications
  • Eco-friendly R290 propane refrigerant with ultra-low GWP
  • Available duty 50kW at -5C ambient
  • Standard and low noise options
  • Wall-mountable design
  • Leak detection system
  • Fully modulating, inverter drive
  • Remote monitoring and smart-enabled
  • COP comparable to similar alternatives
  • Defrost types: Hot Gas (for < +6°C) and Off Cycle (for > +6°C)
  • Electrical supply: 3~ 400V 50 Hz
  • Sound Power: Low Noise (68.7 dB(A)), Standard Noise (73.7 dB(A))
  • Heating capacity: 90kW at +7°C, 70kW at -5°C ambient temperature
  • Control protocol: BACNET
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To give our heat pumps customers complete peace of mind. Following installation, commissioning and a 6 month run-in period the actual performance will be assessed against predicted performance. If the heat pump does not meet the guaranteed performance we will refund the cost of the heat pump and remove it from site.


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