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The Alder range of R290, medium temperature chillers are designed to deliver a fluid temperature range from -10°C to +6°C and a capacity range from 10 kw to 400 kw.

Primarily used for commercial and industrial process cooling applications, the Alder can be configured with one or two independent DX circuits, providing either one common or two independent fluid temperatures, with each circuit having a delivery temperature range from -6°C to +18°C.

In addition to the refrigeration capability, the range can also be configured for retail HVAC and air conditioning applications, to deliver up to 400 kW of cooling at higher flow temperatures (from +7°C to +18°C).

Alder Chillers have energy efficiency at the core of their design and are supplied with our own innovative, multistage control, utilising RDM TDB technology; all models have the option for heat reclaim and the potential to supply a guaranteed heating fluid of 45°C.

Alder Water Chillers

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