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Yousaf Mohammed, Trainee Design Engineer, has been shortlisted for Student of the Year in RAC Cooling Awards.

The Student of the Year Awards have been held for over 20 years, celebrating those individuals that have grasped the opportunities the sector offers for a challenging and rewarding career.

Yousaf joined the company in July 2018 and has made considerable progress in a very short space of time and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge which we encourage and nurture.  Manufacturing Director, Rob Pegg says “Yousaf is a brilliant find for us and we are proud of how much he has achieved in just under a year.  He learns as much as he can and then passes back that knowledge to his colleagues and other students within the industry.  We are pleased to be supporting Yousaf through his Chartership with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and delighted he has now been chosen as a finalist for the RAC Student of the Year Award 2019”.

Yousaf came to A1 and worked with the design team for 6 months to learn about refrigeration supermarket designs, from small through to medium and large designs and working closely with our experienced design engineers to learn all about HFC and CO₂.

It was soon recognised by the CLADE engineering team that Yousaf was grasping the concept of refrigeration supermarket design very quickly and with the fast growth of our manufacturing plant, Yousaf transferred to our plant manufacturing division. He has worked closely with our technical experts in plant manufacturing and is currently working on the development of new CO₂ plant designs for BLDC and Heat Pump Technology.

Yousaf is thrilled to be a finalist.  In his personal statement he said “from a very young age I was always intrigued about how mechanical systems functioned around me from aeroplanes to tall structures, from bicycle pumps to fridges. I really enjoyed and excelled in engineering related subjects such as Maths and Physics at high school and then on to college with the same and more subjects all working towards a career in engineering. I feel that you get so much more out of life if you can have a career in something you enjoy and understand, so I pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering.”

One of Yousaf’s ambitions is to develop innovative systems that can achieve a refrigeration effect in a greener and more efficient way. This is something A1 Engineering along with CLADE are very passionate about – recognising the responsibility we have to the environment and the urgency with which we must act to reverse the effects of global warming, so we wholeheartedly support Yousaf in his quest.

We congratulate Yousaf on being nominated for this prestigious Award and would like to wish all of our nominated industry colleagues the best of luck at the Awards Ceremony on 25th September.