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Our war against plastic waste

The team at Clade recognise the responsibility we all have to the environment and the urgency with which we must act to reverse the effects of Global warming. The board of directors have made huge improvements to our environmental strategy, including, but not limited to, promoting the uptake of natural refrigerants, planting trees for every refrigeration pack we build thereby offsetting our Carbon footprint.  We also encourage the team to choose low emission vehicles and we recycle all waste we receive from suppliers and/or produce during the manufacturing process.

Our retail customers are now asking what we are doing about waste and therefore this question must be asked of the whole supply chain. In October 2018, Managing Director Dean Frost sent a letter to all relevant suppliers asking them what they are doing to help reduce plastics in the environment.  He stated that as a first step, we would like to see a reduction in plastic packaging and for them to let us know what their plans are to reduce waste packaging and plastic in particular, due to the heightened risks faced from micro plastics in our seas and oceans.

The response has not been as good as we’d have liked however we continue to persevere to get all suppliers to help our cause.  In the meantime, we use recognised recycling specialists who offer environmentally responsible solutions to manage all waste materials.

Good Business is Green Business.