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Inclusive for all

In order to meet the recruitment objectives, A1 adopted a policy of ‘inclusive for all’.

In 2018 we actively encouraged recruitment reflective of our society at large, seeking to bring engineers from ethnic minorities who are underrepresented in refrigeration whilst also promoting women into senior positions; not through positive discrimination but on merit and ability.

By doing so we have found we are tapping into a much deeper and richer seam of talent which will help UK industry to continue leading the development of innovative technologies and manufactured products.

To support A1’s expansion and CLADE, we have invested in the development of graduate design engineers, apprentices and armed service leavers plus several more senior engineering staff.  In no other year has A1 invested in people as much as during 2018.

This is not only an investment for A1 but for our refrigeration industry and the UK’s manufacturing sector. This is at an uncertain time when UK manufacturing is seeking to expand onto the wider world stage, which CLADE aims to do.