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Clade continues to support Leeds Wood Recycling as part of our Environmental & Sustainability journey

Clade currently recycles its Armaflex (pipe insulation), oils, metals, cardboard and plastic waste. For the recycling of our waste wood, we got in touch with local social enterprise company – Leeds Wood Recycling (LWR).

Charlie at LWR, explains how the wood collected from our Clade manufacturing site in Leeds is repurposed:

“Leeds Wood Recycling has been working alongside Clade for the past 18 months. The wood waste we have collected has been used in a range of projects. Examples of this are the re-use of cable reels, which have gone to primary schools and early year centres for outdoor play, and copper pipe ‘coffin crates’ which have been repurposed and used as part of the LWR ‘Skill Tree’ program.

This ‘Skill Tree’ program teaches people how to make a range of products for our retail area such as stools, planters, or fruit crates. Volunteers are taught the processes required to make the product, given a couple of weeks to perfect their skills and are then supported to teach new volunteers the necessary processes to make the items independently. This promotes peer-on–peer training, whilst repurposing the Clade waste out of the waste stream!

Leeds wood Recycling is a social enterprise, working to support the long term unemployed back into employment. Some of the products created from the ‘Skill tree’ have been awarded to Clade employees in recognition of their Health and Safety excellence during 2020.”

Rob Pegg, Manufacturing Director at A1 & CLADE commented

“A1 Engineering were delighted to became an official sponsor of Leeds Wood Recycling in early 2020.  We look forward to continuing to support the work they do for the local community and are proud to be affiliated with their ongoing ‘Skill Tree’ program, which gives local people the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, supporting them on their journey to re-employment. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership”