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Action Medical Research – ELIJAH’S STAR

As part of A1’s Corporate and Social Responsibility drive, our business has selected a new company charity to support.

All charities have suffered from a significant reduction in fundraising with planned events being cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This has had a serious impact on the essential services charities deliver, services that change and sometimes save lives and most certainly help some of the most vulnerable people within our society.

A1 has chosen Action Medical Research as its main charity to support.

Action is a little-known charity but has made a significant impact in its 68-year history by funding medical breakthroughs which have helped saved the lives of countless children and babies, including neonatal.

Many of us will know family members, relatives and friends who have been unknowingly helped by the work funded by Action Medical Research. These breakthroughs in medical research include the importance of folic acid during pregnancy to prevent spina bifida, the development in the use of ultrasound during pregnancy, a cooling cap therapy for premature babies which reduces the chance of brain damage and cerebral palsy by 50%, the discovery & implementation of the Polio vaccine thus eradicating it from the UK and thorough testing of the Rubella vaccine.

As part of A1’s fundraising drive, the company will be arranging sponsored walks, cycling events and challenges such as the Yorkshire three peaks challenge, where all employees, family and friends will be welcome to participate.

We will be asking our team members to please support this by also proposing their own fund-raising events.

As a cornerstone of A1’s fundraising endeavours, our Managing Director, Dean Frost has committed to ‘The World’s Toughest Row’, taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

In December 2021 Dean, along with three team-mates, will leave La Gomera in the Canary Islands to row 3,000 miles to Antigua under the Team name –

This is in memory of Elijah, a premature baby and much-loved son and brother, who sadly lived for only 37 days; the team are therefore aiming to row the entire distance in 37 days; this compares to the average crossing time which is in excess of 45 days so they’ve set themselves quite a challenge.

Elijah’s story can be found here

Born too soon, Elijah’s Story

Make sure you have tissues at the ready!

We are encouraging people to engage with Team Elijah’s Star on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and to follow Dean and the team’s journey to the start line, across the Atlantic and to the ultimate finish line in English Harbour, Antigua.

To learn more about the row please visit the team’s website at

Over the coming weeks, we will be supplying the links to our sponsorship pages, we hope you will all join with us in raising funds for Action Medical Research in order that the charity can continue to support much needed scientific research for saving children’s lives.

Kind Regards

The A1ES Management Team