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The Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund


The UK Government has released £160m of funding to accelerate the decarbonisation of social housing.

As always, a huge part of the decarbonisation effort must come from changing the way we heat and cool buildings. For most buildings the only option is a heat pump – it is an existing technology that can be deployed quickly.

Clade manufactures quality CO2 heat pumps which can be used for multi-residential and sheltered housing. These heat pumps provide efficient, ultra-low carbon heat using a proven and future-proof technology.

CO2 heat pumps are well suited to multi-residential buildings, e.g. a block of flats. They provide high temperature heat which is suitable for existing buildings. The unique properties of CO2 demand a low return temperature which pushes the heating systems to be even more efficient.

The installation of a heat pump and upgrade of the heating system can be funded by the social housing decarbonisation fund. Clade has a network of partners who can deliver a turnkey or end to end service which gives peace of mind to customers.

What Is A Heat Pump?

A heat pump works by extracting heat energy from a natural, external source (such as the ground or air) and using that energy to heat a building. They are powered by electricity, which can now be obtained in an entirely carbon-neutral way.

Because they extract that heat energy from an external source, heat pumps can operate at up to 400% efficiency.

A heat pump is relatively easy to install and maintain, and widely accepted as the natural carbon-neutral heir to gas boilers.

Our heat pumps use CO2 as the working fluid, which is captured from industrial processes. This allows them to reach higher temperatures than other heat pumps, without having to use synthetic gasses, the manufacture of which is damaging to the environment. For more information, please read all about our CO2 heat pumps.

Clade Can Design & Install Heat Pumps In All Kinds Of Multi-Residential & Sheltered Housing

Clade has extensive experience in the refrigeration and heat pump industry. We have expertise in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of heat pumps and have built an excellent reputation for quality and reliability.

For more information, please read our case studies and testimonials from satisfied clients.

If you’d like to discuss how a Clade heat pump can fit into your project, please contact us.

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