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Residential Heat Pumps

The average household generates 2,745 kg of CO2 emissions from heating, which means that overall housing contributes around 31% of the UK total emissions. To reach the UK’s Net Zero 2050 target we need to reduce heating emissions by 95%.

This level of reduction requires a substantial shift in heating technologies towards renewable energy. We cannot reduce carbon emissions from heating sufficiently if we continue to use natural gas or oil to heat our homes. Natural gas and inefficient electric heating in buildings can be phased out and replaced by a combination of; insulation, individual heat pumps and district heating. Use of excess heat, thermal storage and heat from renewable sources will further reduce both costs and carbon. Analysis shows that almost all of the heating and cooling demand can be covered using low carbon sources.

In all the scenarios and predictive models heat pumps have a major role to play as they are the most scalable solution that is available right now. Heat pumps offer; flexibility on input fuel prices, no on site emissions or air pollution, minimal or no infrastructure upgrade and highly integratable with other technologies.

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To give our heat pumps customers complete peace of mind. Following installation, commissioning and a 6 month run-in period the actual performance will be assessed against predicted performance. If the heat pump does not meet the guaranteed performance we will refund the cost of the heat pump and remove it from site.

Heat Pumps For Social Housing

Using social housing heat pumps grants tenants unlimited access to affordable heating throughout the year. Heat pumps offer social housing institutions the ability to dramatically reduce fuel poverty by reducing a household’s heating bills and ultimately relieving them of the ultimatum known as ‘heat or eat’.

The heating systems provided by Clade are also fully compliant with the Climate Emergency Declaration (CED) and will contribute greatly towards reducing the carbon footprint left by social housing across the United Kingdom.

Heat Pumps For Flats

Thanks to heat pumps for flats, tenants can afford to keep warm throughout the year without overspending on their energy bills.

Social housing organisations can now end fuel poverty, dramatically reduce a flat’s heating bills, and relieve tenants from the ‘heat or eat’ dilemma by simply installing heating pumps in the residence.

Clade Engineering’s heating pump systems can help deliver on the Climate Emergency Declarations by lowering the overall carbon footprint left by residential housing around the UK.

Heat Pumps For Swimming Pools

Compared to all other heating alternatives, ground-source heat pumps for swimming pools are the best heating solution for providing hot water for leisure, while dramatically reducing the energy consumption associated with heating up a hot tub or a swimming pool.

As most indoor swimming pools in the United Kingdom are used throughout the year, making use of an energy-efficient heating solution such as ground source heat pumps is an obvious choice.

Heat Pumps For Housing Developments

Heat pumps for housing developments are only a nice-to-have alternative to fossil fuels and gas for generating heat. That’s until 2025, when heat pumps will become a necessary alternative as the United Kingdom government starts working towards achieving its 100% carbon-neutral goal by 2050.

Heat pumps are not only safer and less polluting to the environment, but they will also enhance the salability of your properties, help you attain compliance easier, and reduce the overhead costs of building a property.


Clade Engineering is able to provide heat pumps as either air, ground, or water source. The most suitable type of heat pump depends on several factors related to your property. Generally, air source heat pumps are the most popular because they have the fewest requirements to install. Any type of heat pump can provide hot water and heating to your building.

Heat pumps using CO2 refrigerant as the heat source are friendly to the environment because the CO2 they use stays contained within the appliance and does not get released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, the CO2 we use in our heat pumps has the lowest global warming potential (GWP) of 1 compared to 1000’s for other refrigerants which will all significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your building.

Clade are the industry leaders in heat pump technology. As the heat in buildings challenge became clearer, Clade began the R&D for a new range of heat pumps which would provide a solution for a growing market. The first heat pump was installed in a Co-Op store and achieved a staggering SCOP of 3.7. We have over 36 years of experience and all of our systems are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Our heat pumps meet environmental standards by using a natural refrigerant like CO2. It has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1, which reduces both cost and emissions.

Clade offers a full start to finish heat pumps solution. Our team of engineers design your system, manufacture and supply your heat pumps from our product range, our installation team ensures your heat pump is fully functional and our after sales support team provides ongoing maintenance. You can pick and choose as many or as few of our services to suit your requirements.

We ensure that your heat pump system continues to function. Our heat pumps can generate heat from 50kW to multi mega-watt, with a maximum water temperature of over 80 degrees Celsius and a minimum external air temperature of -20 degrees Celsius. Each of our heat pumps also comes with total cooling recovery to ensure a high quality of continued functionality.


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