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Clade are developing a global network of trusted partners who understand and can apply our heat pumps technology. Based in the UK, we can export globally. However, it is important to understand the local regulations and standards that apply. Additionally the application of CO2 and natural refrigerants to heating is fairly new in many countries and so local engineering expertise is vital to project success. We have a number of global partners and are looking to expand this network.

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Clade is a UK based engineering company, specialsing in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of Co2 heat pumps. We operate internationally from our green manufacturing Technology Centre in Leeds and our Head Office in Bristol.


The Irish Government has set a target of 12% of heat demand to be met by renewable heat sources by 2020, and 30% by 2030. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers financial incentives through the Better Energy Homes (BEH) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) schemes, which include heat pumps.


The European Union has set a target to have 300 million heat pumps installed by 2030. As a leading manufacturer of natural refrigerant heat pumps, Clade Engineering Systems is perfectly positioned to supply industry leading Co2 heat pumps to all of Europe from the UK.


The Australian government has implemented policies and incentives to promote the use of heat pumps, such as the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). Meanwhile, state and territory governments have also implemented their own schemes to encourage the uptake of heat pumps.


Clade heat pumps lead the industry in sustainability and are available for various sectors, including agriculture, commercial, data centres, residential, and industrial and manufacturing. Browse our range of heat pumps.


The Oak is our mid-scale CO2 heat pump design. It is suitable for continuous operation and at higher heating capacities for large buildings or processes for example; swimming pools, food production, district heating and factories.
Designed and built to be fully serviceable.


The Beech is our largest CO2 heat pump, bespoke designed and manufactured for each project. Up to 1.4MW in a single unit and encompassing ground, air, water source as well as heat reclaim. Installed as separate evaporators and compressor stations with either glycol or refrigerant connections.


The Aspen is our hydrocarbon heat pump for smaller applications up to 200KW. Aspen is a more affordable low carbon solution for lower flow temperature but still delivering superb low-carbon heat service and a low GWP refrigerant.


Low noise & easy to install – the 50kW Acer uses CO2 as its refrigerant and delivers high temperatures, 70 to 80 degrees, as well as the high performance associated with CO2.

It’s affordable, small and can be delivered quickly.


With our Acer Plant-Room you get everything you need to connect our 50kW Acer CO2 heat pump to your heat emitters and valves. We can also supply pre-selected heat emitters as radiators, unit heaters or a mix of both.

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To give our heat pumps customers complete peace of mind. Following installation, commissioning and a 6 month run-in period the actual performance will be assessed against predicted performance. If the heat pump does not meet the guaranteed performance we will refund the cost of the heat pump and remove it from site.

Clade Engineering offers air, ground, and water source heat pumps and refrigeration that use eco-friendly CO2 coolant and can operate either singly or as part of a multi-unit system.

Full Heat Pump Service

At Clade, our heat pump services are comprehensive. We provide full support through every step of the process, from energy-efficient system design to quality manufacturing, expert installation, and ongoing maintenance. As a UK company leading the transformation in green heating and cooling, we provide heat pumps for multiple sectors, helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint. With different models of CO2 heat pumps available, we can help your company achieve ultra low-carbon, efficient, future-proof heating regardless of its size.. Our commitment to high-quality manufacturing ensures you will have a high performing green heating solution for the long term.

Performance Guarantee:  Following installation, commissioning and a 6 month run-in period the actual performance will be assessed against predicted performance. If the heat pump does not meet the guaranteed performance we will refund the cost of the heat pump and remove it from site. Read More



Our heat pumps are designed for energy efficiency and high performance in both smaller spaces and larger properties.


High-quality products require high-quality manufacturing. We use precise engineering and the highest quality materials to supply heat pumps optimised for long-term performance.


We provide full installation of your new heat pump. Our installation team causes as minimal disruption to your property as possible and ensures your heat pump is fully functional before leaving the site.


Clade provides ongoing maintenance for our heat pumps, which includes regular surveys and repair services. You can customise your support with our After Sales Support packages as well.


Our support services include commissioning engineer attendance, 24/7 service engineering support and access to Clade’s technical helpdesk during the products’ warranty period and beyond.


With its internal Research & Development team based at Clade’s Technology Hub in Leeds the company is available to advise its customers on the latest legislative changes.


Personally speak with one of our Directors to discuss your requirements. Complete this quick form and we will be in touch or contact us using: