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The majority of heat used in industry is in process heat. The chart shows the temperatures and volumes, clearly challenging to decarbonise!

Electrification of high temperature processes using a combination of both heat pumps and direct electric generation is possible.

Additionally the capture of waste heat to use in other processes and also to export to commercial or residential users through district heating add efficiency to the overall system. This is particularly true where heat is rejected to improve the main process efficiency e.g. lowering the temperature of steam condensate.

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A CO2 heat pump which together with the wider heating system that is properly designed can generate up to 110DegC at the water outlet. This means heat pumps can address approximately 40% of industrial heat demand.

Achieving this temperature requires specialist knowledge and experience as the CO2 refrigerant has to perform in specific ways and at a higher than usual pressures. In particular the wider heating system must be designed to use cascading temperatures e.g. process heat at 110DegC, hot water at 65DegC and space heating at 40DegC.

The COP of such a system is expected to be in range of 3 to 3.5, which is commercially viable.

Heat pumps applications for higher temperatures are engineered for the specific use. Please get in touch to discuss your high temperature application.