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Commercial heat pumps can be used in a wide variety of property types and for various purposes. They can deliver hot water and heating to an entire office building or block of retail shops. They can regulate the heating system for a warehouse or large industrial space.

Large-scale commercial heat pumps can also be used in schools and on university campuses, in large sports centres or arenas, in shopping centres, and hospitals. Heat pumps need a heat source to work, and that source can either be the air outside a building, the ground below it, or water nearby. Clade Engineering offers air, ground, and water source heat pumps that use eco-friendly Co2 coolant and can operate either singly or as part of a multi unit system.

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We provide CO2 heat pumps for a wide variety of commercial use, leading the industry in sustainability and innovation. Our commercial heat pumps are backed by years of experience developing environmentally-friendly solutions for large-scale properties.


The Oak is our mid-scale CO2 heat pump design. It is suitable for continuous operation and at higher heating capacities for large buildings or processes for example; swimming pools, food production, district heating and factories.


The Beech is our largest CO2 heat pump, bespoke designed and manufactured for each project. Up to 1.4MW in a single unit and encompassing ground, air, water source as well as heat reclaim. Installed as separate evaporators and compressor stations with either glycol or refrigerant connections.


The Aspen is our hydrocarbon CO2 heat pump for smaller applications up to 200KW. Aspen is a more affordable low carbon solution for lower flow temperature but still delivering superb low-carbon heat service and a low GWP refrigerant.

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To give our heat pumps customers complete peace of mind. Following installation, commissioning and a 6 month run-in period the actual performance will be assessed against predicted performance. If the heat pump does not meet the guaranteed performance we will refund the cost of the heat pump and remove it from site.

Clade Engineering offers air, ground, and water source commercial heat pumps and refrigeration that use eco-friendly CO2 coolant and can operate either singly or as part of a multi-unit system.


Businesses and office spaces can’t operate without heating, and commercial heat pumps present a sustainable long-term solution as an affordable heating supply. Buildings that switch from gas heating to a heat pump could save up to £3000 per year on energy costs. In addition to lowering energy bills, heat pumps also help companies reduce their carbon footprint. Switching to a heating supply provided by a Co2 heat pump sends a message to customers, shareholders, and other businesses that you’re committed to a sustainable future.

Heat pumps operate by taking heat from one area – the air, ground, or water – and moving it to another area – the inside of your building. Air source heat pumps are the most popular choice because they are the easiest and least expensive to install. They typically don’t require extensive construction work or municipal zoning approval. Ground heat pumps are another good choice, as they provide the most consistent source of heat, unlike the unpredictability of air or water. Water source heat pumps require access to water, of course, and they ensure the heat is replenished.

Ground source and water source heat pumps typically require zoning approval, and ground sources must be bored correctly to avoid severe loss of service. Finding access to a suitable water source makes water source heat pumps trickier to install as well.
Clade’s engineering team have the expertise to design your commercial heat pump from any heat source, as well as offer advice for the best type of heat pump for your commercial property.

About CO2 Heat Pumps


Your commercial property can benefit from several advantages when using a heat pump, including reduced energy costs, a reliable heating system, minimal disruption to your workflow, and diversification opportunities. Our commercial heat pumps are also compatible with a Building Management System (BMS) and have several funding options.

Lower energy bills
When you replace a fossil-fuelled heating system with a ground source heat pump, you could save up to 50% on your business’s energy costs. They also cost less in repair and maintenance, requiring fewer annual inspections and lasting longer than other types of heat systems. Your company commits to long-term savings when you switch to heating powered by a heat pump.

Reliable source of heat and hot water
We can design a modular heat pump system for your business, configured to ensure your property receives heating at all times. Air, ground, and water source heat pumps have few system failures, which means a smaller impact on your business operations.

Low-carbon cooling
Clade’s heat pumps deliver passive cooling as well as heating. You can regulate your office temperature to your preferences, keeping it as warm or as cool as needed and using little carbon to do so. Low-carbon cooling is better for the environment and your budget.

Integrates with BMS
We can utilise a BMS to deliver heating to several parts of a building with our Co2 heat pumps. Clade designs a modular configuration that meets your property’s heating needs and is easy to operate.

Minimal workflow disruption
Depending on which heat pump source you choose, you’ll have little disruption to your daily business operations. With ground source heat pumps the work takes place primarily outside, as well as with water source heat pumps. Air source heat pumps are the least disruptive and easiest to install.

Chance to diversify
Successful businesses look for diversification opportunities, and Clade’s heat pumps can help you get there. If you have a new vision for your business, such as delivering heat for an offshoot venture, we’ll help you make it happen.

Options for funding
We’ll advise you on which commercial heat pump is the best for your business and property, and discuss funding options with you. At Clade, we take the time to get to know your building and project type intimately before providing advice.


To reach the UK’s Net Zero 2050 target we need to reduce heating emissions by 95%. For any building owner or operator a similar target applies. Decarbonising heat offers substantial carbon savings that will contribute towards net zero and can be measured and reported under disclosure such as TCFD or SASB.

This level of reduction requires a substantial shift in heating technologies towards renewable energy. We cannot reduce carbon emissions from heating sufficiently if we continue to use natural gas or oil to heat our homes. Natural gas and inefficient electric heating in buildings can be phased out and replaced by a combination of technologies.

In all the scenarios and predictive models heat pumps have a major role to play as they are the most scalable solution that is available right now. Heat pumps offer; flexibility on input fuel prices, no on site emissions or air pollution, minimal or no infrastructure upgrade and highly integratable with other technologies.

Commercial heat pumps can operate at standard building temperatures, as with all technologies improving the system operation will lead to further efficiencies. Commercial buildings often call for both heat and cooling at the same time, a heat pump is an effective way to transfer thermal energy from one location to another. Using thermal storage (hot, cold or both) can buffer any time lag in demand.


Clade Engineering is able to provide heat pumps as either air, ground, or water source. The most suitable type of heat pump depends on several factors related to your property. Generally, air source heat pumps are the most popular because they have the fewest requirements to install. Any type of heat pump can provide hot water and heating to your building.

Heat pumps using CO2 refrigerant as the heat source are friendly to the environment because the CO2 they use stays contained within the appliance and does not get released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, the CO2 we use in our heat pumps has the lowest global warming potential (GWP) of 1 compared to 1000’s for other refrigerants which will all significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your building.

Clade are the industry leaders in heat pump technology. As the heat in buildings challenge became clearer, Clade began the R&D for a new range of heat pumps which would provide a solution for a growing market. The first heat pump was installed in a Co-Op store and achieved a staggering SCOP of 3.7. We have over 36 years of experience and all of our systems are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Our heat pumps meet environmental standards by using a natural refrigerant like CO2. It has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1, which reduces both cost and emissions.

Clade offers a full start to finish heat pumps solution. Our team of engineers design your system, manufacture and supply your heat pumps from our product range, our installation team ensures your heat pump is fully functional and our after sales support team provides ongoing maintenance. You can pick and choose as many or as few of our services to suit your requirements.

We ensure that your heat pump system continues to function. Our heat pumps can generate heat from 50kW to multi mega-watt, with a maximum water temperature of over 80 degrees Celsius and a minimum external air temperature of -20 degrees Celsius. Each of our heat pumps also comes with total cooling recovery to ensure a high quality of continued functionality.


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