Clade Heat Pumps

If your business needs or wants to reduce its carbon footprint, heat pumps will be part of your future sooner or later.
Clade can design, deliver, install and maintain CO2 heat pumps for a wide range of commercial use cases, and we have a proven track record of high quality manufacturing and excellent service. Talk to us today about how we can help you, or read on to learn more about our heat pump technology.

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The Rowan Heat Pump

The Rowan is our smaller heat pump, suitable for lower heat capacities. Its compact design makes it suitable where space is limited. It can be skid mounted with a thermal store or with heat exchangers to reclaim heat from a refrigeration system for example.

Typical uses of our Rowan heat pumps are heating for smaller commercial, retail buildings and large properties. Or, domestic hot water production for hotels and leisure facilities where the CO2 becomes especially efficient.

Rowan Data Sheet

The Oak Heat Pump

The Oak is our larger heat pump design. It is suitable for continuous operation and at higher heating capacities for large buildings or processes for example; swimming pools, food production, district heating and factories.

The Oak is designed and built to be fully serviceable, all components are accessible and safe to work on, and the quality of the build ensures exceptionally long service life.

Investing in an Oak heat pump you will benefit from high performance over a long period which optimises the total cost of ownership.

Oak Data Sheet

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