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Being flexible about when you use electrical energy is worth real money.  

Our national grid sends power from where its generated to where its used. That used to be very large central power stations to known demands (yep, our behaviour is pretty predictable!). But now the national grid is supplied by a disparate set of generators such as wind turbines, solar, interconnectors AND at the same time we’re adding the demands of electric vehicles, heat pumps plus all our increasing number of gadgets.  

The grid can’t cope and power prices are variable.  

This is your opportunity to reduce your energy costs.  

Heat pumps are wonderfully flexible, especially when combined with thermal storage (which can be as simple as a water tank). Turn off, turn on, turn down, advance or retard heat generation and you could reduce your bills by as much as 25%. Of course it does depend on how flexible you can be!  


Clade Cloud is a new digital and data service from Clade which creates value for our customers in two distinct ways. Firstly, Clade Cloud ensures optimal performance whilst keeping operational costs under control.

Secondly, Clade Cloud provides end-to-end secure and fast access to grid flexibility services to reduce power costs.


Commercial and industrial buildings can achieve both these objectives with a Clade heat pump plus services from our energy and AI partners.

A heat pump reduces the input energy needed to create heat for the building by approximately two thirds. Swapping gas for electricity and using a green tariff removes the carbon from the input energy. It is both the efficiency of heat pumps and the electrification of heat that achieves 100% carbon reduction.

As more heat pumps (up to 600,000 per year by 2028) and electric vehicles are connected to the power grid, and as more renewable generation replaces fossil fuels, both the supply and demand for power have to become flexible or there will be peaks of demand that cannot be met and oversupply of power at other times. Delaying, stopping or slowing down heat generation is rewarded during times of peak demand and in the opposite case bringing forward heat generation during times of over supply is rewarded.

Currently these flexibility services are available to large power users but Clade Cloud, through co- ordination and control of multiple heat pumps and thermal stores, will enable smaller users to benefit.

Clade Cloud

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