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Our Drax Partnership

If you’re a Drax customer, you’ll get a discount on our natural refrigerant heat pumps.  

Drax will help you optimise how you use the heat pump to generate energy cost savings. They’ll commit to delivering you these savings by reducing the unit cost of the power you consume by a fixed amount for 12 months. 

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    About Clade Heat Pumps

    At Clade we design, deliver, install and maintain natural refrigerant heat pumps for a wide range of commercial use cases, and we have a proven track record of high quality manufacturing and excellent service. Talk to us today about how we can help you, or read on to learn more about our heat pump technology.

    About The Optimisation Process

    Drax will work with you to find whatever flexibility they can in your operations and usage of electric assets – including any power generation facilities you have on-site.  

    Then, by helping you optimise when and how you operate (within the constraints you set), they can generate value for your business and translate this into a fixed monthly saving. 


    They’ll work with you to assess the flexibility of your electric assets, deciding if it’s possible to reduce (or change the timing of) your power usage. This means their recommended changes will have minimal – if any – impact on your business.  

    The assessment could be as simple as checking the electricity usage of a specific flexible asset such as a battery or back-up generator. Or it may be more complex, hidden away, or part of a process.


    Their flexibility assessment provides both your business and our team with a set of assets you can control together – according to the parameters and requirements you agree with Drax. Typically, the asset(s) chosen, and the potential value, will vary depending on factors including asset type, length of flex time, asset size and number of flex opportunities. 


    Drax can install equipment that remotely connects the assets under control to a secure software platform that they can access. They’ll receive second-by-second data from the assets, which means they’ll be able to make optimisation decisions in real-time. 

    Billing and operation 

    Once these stages are complete, Drax will look to agree a contract that includes the fixed p/kWh discount. You’ll start getting the discount on your energy from the first month of the agreement. You won’t even have to wait for your first optimisation event to occur, or for any reconciliation to take place. 

    Why Flexibility Is Important

    Being flexible about when you use electrical energy is worth real money.  

    Our national grid sends power from where its generated to where its used. That used to be very large central power stations to known demands (yep, our behaviour is pretty predictable!). But now the national grid is supplied by a disparate set of generators such as wind turbines, solar, interconnectors AND at the same time we’re adding the demands of electric vehicles, heat pumps plus all our increasing number of gadgets.  

    The grid can’t cope and power prices are variable.  

    This is your opportunity to reduce your energy costs.  

    Heat pumps are wonderfully flexible, especially when combined with thermal storage (which can be as simple as a water tank). Turn off, turn on, turn down, advance or retard heat generation and you could reduce your bills by as much as 25%. Of course it does depend on how flexible you can be!  

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