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Clade Cloud Control

Clade Cloud is a new digital and data service from Clade which creates value for our customers in two distinct ways. Firstly, Clade Cloud ensures optimal performance whilst keeping operational costs under control. Secondly, Clade Cloud provides end-to-end secure and fast access to grid flexibility services to reduce power costs.

Optimal performance at lower cost

Heat pumps are a significant capital investment. In order to maximise the return on investment the operational costs must be optimised over the whole lifetime.

This starts with the commissioning phase. Just after installation, this is the first set up and optimisation opportunity. Clade’s team will bring the heat pump online and prove functionality and set up the basic parameters.

Throughout this and the operational phase Clade Cloud will continue to add value from insights that will improve the operational efficiency of the heat pump. Additionally, Clade’s engineering team work hard to continuously improve the operation of heat pumps based on real data from Clade Cloud. Owners will benefit from software updates which ensure the very latest versions of our control algorithms are used.

Clade Cloud is built on Siemens Mindsphere which brings world class security, resilience and reliability. Using this approach Clade customers can access service based on advanced digital technology such as AI and machine learning.

Clade Cloud enables customers to reduce maintenance costs through condition based monitoring, remote diagnostics and analytics. This reduces the cost of planned preventative maintenance, no fault found and re-visits from service technicians. Assets can be onboarded to other asset management systems as well as digital twins and other online products, all helping customers improve efficiency.

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