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Trago Mills

During the early part of 2019 Clade Engineering was contacted by Adrian Crowther, the Design and Standards Manager from the Co-op’s FM Engineering team. This was with a view to supplying a heat pump for the Trago Mills store in Devon, which at 12,500 square feet was one of Co-op’s larger format stores in the portfolio.

The store serves a large local community and was earmarked for a refurbishment in 2020. Ahead of this store refit a new heating system would have to be selected, as the existing system which operated on a series of ducted HFC based heat pumps had become dilapidated and was in need of replacement.

After searching companies at home in the UK and in Europe, it was apparent that there was limited scope within the supply chain for non HFC heat pumps operating on CO2 or Hydrocarbons. Mr Crowther was aware of Clade’s development of cooling and heating products which used Hydrocarbon as the refrigerant of choice. Clade had in the previous years pioneered a new system using scroll compressors combined with heat recovery, using R290 as the refrigerant of choice, Clade’s growing expertise in the area was well known.

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