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Shared Office Space Heating

A bold, bright, business space for tomorrow and beyond. A new kind of workspace designed to create a hub for tech and creative business minds.


As part of a decarbonisation scheme, Clade delivered 2 x Larch 350KW cascade hydrocarbon heat pumps, a new chiller and a 206KW solar PV array. 

Clade’s Larch 350KW cascade hydrocarbon heat pump

Our cascade heat pumps operate at 84/73C, delivering heat at 82/71C through a separation heat exchanger, seamlessly replacing traditional boilers without disrupting the existing heat distribution system.

To further enhance efficiency, we’ve integrated 3 new domestic hot water production units, replacing gas-fired water heaters and maintaining temperature differentials with plate heat exchangers – all in line with Clade standard schematics.

With the power of solar PV generating low carbon electricity and the use of natural refrigerants, our heat pump stands out as an environmentally friendly solution.

The groundwork for sustainability doesn’t stop there!

A new concrete slab supports the heat pumps, thermal stores, and plant room, while a pre-insulated pipe trench efficiently carries heat into the building’s old plant room.

Thermal store sizes have been strategically chosen – 10,000L for the air source and 6,000L for the water source heat pumps, ensuring optimal performance.


This case study exemplifies Clade’s expertise in providing efficient and sustainable heating solutions.

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