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Normanton School Swimming Pool: A Sustainable Heating Solution by Clade Engineering Systems

Discover how Clade Engineering Systems revolutionised Normanton Pool's energy efficiency with our cutting-edge natural refrigerant heat pumps. Learn how we overcame challenges and delivered unparalleled performance, all while reducing carbon footprint. Ideal for businesses seeking sustainable energy solutions.


The Normanton School swimming pool has recently been equipped with a state-of-the-art Clade Oak 350KW CO2 heat pump, as part of a PSDS project. This case study delves into how Clade Engineering Systems has provided a sustainable and efficient heating solution for the school’s swimming pool.

The Challenge

Normanton School faced multiple challenges, including noise restrictions from nearby residential areas and a restricted DNO supply that would have required a costly upgrade. The goal was to find a heating solution that is both efficient and sustainable.

The Solution: Clade’s Oak 350KW CO2 Heat Pump

Clade Engineering Systems installed an Oak 350KW CO2 heat pump fitted with silencers to reduce noise levels. The heating system includes AHUs, radiators, and underfloor heating, all operating efficiently on a high DT of 40°C. A pool heat exchanger was also included in the system.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effective Installation: The project did not require replacing pipework, saving significant time and financial investment.
  • Smart Capacity Control: Clade’s team implemented a capacity control based on site electrical draw, avoiding a costly DNO upgrade.
  • Exceptional Efficiency with CO2: The CO2 heat pump offers outstanding efficiency, making it a sustainable choice for heating solutions.

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This case study exemplifies Clade Engineering Systems’ expertise in providing efficient and sustainable heating solutions. The Oak 350KW CO2 heat pump stands as a testament to Clade’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

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