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Ruskin School 2023: Elevating Sustainability with Clade’s Acer 65/50 CO2 Heat Pumps


Clade Engineering's Acer 65/50 CO2 Heat Pump installed at Ruskin School, showcasing its innovative design for sustainable heating solutions


In a concerted effort to decarbonise heating and improve energy efficiency, Ruskin School partnered with Clade Engineering Systems. This case study explores how Clade’s Acer 65/50 CO2 heat pumps have significantly enhanced the school’s heating capabilities, achieving COPs as high as 4.2.

The Challenge

Ruskin School, an educational institution committed to sustainability, sought to overhaul its heating system. The challenge was to find a solution that could handle fluctuating return temperatures while maintaining high COPs.

The Solution: Clade’s Acer 65/50 CO2 Heat Pumps

Clade Engineering Systems equipped Ruskin School with its innovative Acer 65/50 CO2 heat pumps. These units are designed to work efficiently even with return water temperature fluctuations, thanks to a specially designed buffer system.

Graph illustrating the fluctuation in return water temperature at Ruskin School, demonstrating the Acer 65/50 CO2 Heat Pump's ability to handle up to 37°C

Key Benefits

  • Flexible Operation: Can handle return water temperatures up to 37°C.
  • High COPs: Achieving COPs as high as 4.2, maximising energy efficiency.
  • Decarbonisation: Contributes to the school’s sustainability goals.

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The Ruskin School case study exemplifies Clade’s dedication to delivering robust and sustainable heating solutions. With the Acer 65/50 CO2 heat pumps, the school has set a new standard in sustainable heating for educational institutions.

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