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Stanley Library 2023: A Case Study on Clade’s Acer CO2 Heat Pumps

Acer CO2 heat pump at Stanley Library


In an era where sustainability and efficiency are more than just buzzwords, Stanley Library took a significant step forward by refurbishing its heating system. Partnering with Clade Engineering Systems, the library now boasts an advanced and eco-friendly heating solution. This case study delves into how Clade’s Acer CO2 heat pumps have transformed the library’s heating infrastructure, offering both environmental and operational benefits.

The Challenge

Stanley Library, a public building with a rich history, faced the challenge of modernising its heating system without extensive modifications to its existing infrastructure. The goal was to find a solution that is not only efficient but also sustainable.

The Solution: Clade’s Acer CO2 Heat Pumps

Clade Engineering Systems provided Stanley Library with its state-of-the-art Acer CO2 heat pumps. These pumps supply a buffer with Clade’s standard of five temperature measurement points, enabling variable capacity control. The new radiators are fitted with pressure-independent radiator valves, resulting in a wide temperature differential of over 30°C.

Key Benefits

  • Minimal Modifications: The existing pipework could be retained, reducing overall project costs.
  • Energy Efficiency: The wide temperature differential reduces pump energy consumption.
  • Optimal Performance: The CO2 heat pump works at its most efficient at all times.

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The Stanley Library case study serves as a testament to Clade’s commitment to providing efficient and sustainable heating solutions. With minimal modifications and maximised efficiency, the Acer CO2 heat pumps stand as a benchmark for public buildings looking to modernise their heating systems.

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