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Chelsham House 2023: A Case Study on Clade’s Propane Heat Pumps

Exterior of Clade Engineering's propane heat pump installed at Chelsham House, showing the large heat exchanger coils and piping infrastructure.


In an era where sustainability and efficiency are paramount, Chelsham House has taken a significant step forward by upgrading its heating system. Partnering with Clade Engineering Systems, the residential NHS ward now features a cutting-edge and eco-friendly heating solution. This case study explores how Clade’s propane heat pumps have revolutionized Chelsham House’s heating infrastructure, delivering both environmental and operational benefits.

The Challenge

Chelsham House, a healthcare facility with a commitment to patient care, faced the challenge of modernising its heating system without extensive modifications to its existing infrastructure. The goal was to find a solution that is not only efficient but also sensitive to the needs of its patients.

The Solution: Clade’s Propane Heat Pumps

Clade Engineering Systems equipped Chelsham House with its advanced propane heat pumps. These pumps integrate seamlessly with the existing underfloor heating and outdated AHU, ensuring continuous operation and optimal control, supported by a state-of-the-art BMS panel.

Key Benefits

  • Tailored Installation: The propane heat pump was meticulously selected for compatibility, curtailing the need for extensive alterations and sustaining ward functions.
  • Intelligent System Integration: The new BMS panel facilitated a synergistic union with the heat pump, endorsing efficient regulation and energy surveillance.
  • Carbon Reduction: The bespoke heating solution significantly lowers carbon emissions, supporting Chelsham House’s commitment to environmental responsibility and aligning with sustainable practices in healthcare facilities.

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The Chelsham House case study is a testament to Clade’s commitment to delivering efficient and sustainable heating solutions. With a focus on patient comfort and care, the propane heat pumps set a new standard for healthcare facilities looking to upgrade their heating systems.

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