In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and energy efficiency, the implementation of an ACER CO2 heat pump for an open-air swimming pool marks a significant advancement. This case study explores how Clade Engineering Systems has revolutionised the heating infrastructure for an open-air swimming pool, offering both environmental and operational benefits.

The Challenge

This charity-run open-air swimming pool faced the challenge of modernising its heating system without extensive modifications to its existing infrastructure and keeping its costs as low as possible. The objective was to find a solution that is not only efficient but also sustainable.

The Solution: Clade’s ACER CO2 Heat Pumps

Clade Engineering Systems provided the open-air swimming pool with its cutting-edge ACER CO2 heat pump. The heat pump is part of a system that includes a simple pressurised LTHW circuit with a regulating valve for balancing low resistance in the pipeline with an onboard pump. Solar PV is utilised to provide power to the heat pump, making the entire system eco-friendly.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-Effective New Install: The ACER CO2 heat pump system is designed for straightforward and cost-effective installation, minimising both time and financial investment.
  • No Buffer – LTHW Without a Buffer Tank: The system operates efficiently without the need for a buffer tank, simplifying the overall setup and reducing costs.
  • CO2 is Exceptionally Efficient: Utilising CO2 as the refrigerant, the heat pump offers exceptional efficiency, making it a sustainable choice for heating solutions.

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This case study serves as a testament to Clade Engineering Systems’ commitment to providing efficient and sustainable heating solutions. With minimal modifications and maximised efficiency, the ACER CO2 heat pumps stand as a benchmark for facilities looking to modernise their heating systems.

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