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Leading UK Innovations in Grid Flexibility for the Energy Market

Imaginative depiction of a futuristic grid control room overseeing energy distribution, with the Clade Engineering logo displayed on a digital screen. Engineers of various descents work at state-of-the-art consoles against a backdrop of renewable energy sources, including wind turbines and solar panels, illustrating the company’s vision for sustainable and innovative grid flexibility solutions.

A flexible grid which shares rewards for both generation and demand management is, as everyone agrees, the future. However, getting there is not easy; a whole new market has to be designed and implemented with many different interested parties.

Progress in Energy Flexibility

The good news is that progress is being made.

Virtual Lead Parties

Virtual lead parties allow energy companies that are not your suppliers to offer flexible services. This will free up the market, making greater choices available and easier to get to the value. For more details, visit the Ofgem decision on facilitating access to wholesale markets for flexibility dispatched by VLPs at Ofgem Website.

Locational Marginal Pricing

Ofgem has found that Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) is likely to produce significant benefits for society compared to the current arrangement. This should encourage a more efficient energy system and offer value to energy consumers by location. Read the full report on Ofgem’s Assessment of Locational Pricing in GB.

Demand Turn Up

Where energy users are rewarded for advancing their use of energy at times of high generation. This has been around for a while but this year sees an increased focus. Expect more of this opportunity.

Heat Pumps and Thermal Storage: Ideal for Grid Flex

Heat pumps and thermal storage are ideal for grid flex. By electrifying heat and leveraging thermal storage (cheap and efficient compared to batteries), an energy user has both load and the ability to flex without affecting comfort or hot water provision.

We’re partnered with Drax for grid flex at Clade-ES Drax Partnership.

And we’re partnered with Plug Me In for finance at Clade-ES Heat-as-a-Service.

For industrial and commercial heat users, this is a winning combination that delivers value and decarbonisation.