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Protecting Your Investment: Preventing Heat Pump Coil Corrosion

Photo illustration of a side-by-side comparison of two identical heat pump coils. On the left, a coil is covered in rust, symbolising neglect and poor maintenance. On the right, the coil is pristine and free of any liquid, representing optimal care and performance. The background is neutral to keep the focus on the coils.

Understanding the Vulnerability of Heat Pumps to Coil Corrosion

Heat pumps are a popular choice for efficient heating and cooling solutions, but they have a hidden vulnerability – coil corrosion. Heat pump evaporators and refrigerator condensers, often referred to as “coils” in the trade, are susceptible to corrosion, especially in certain atmospheric conditions. At Clade Engineering, we have 39 years of experience in dealing with this issue, and we’re here to shed light on the problem and offer a solution.

The Role of Sea Air in Accelerating Coil Corrosion

The primary culprit for coil corrosion is often sea air. Depending on your proximity to the coast and prevailing wind direction, these coils can start to corrode in as little as 18 months. This corrosion affects the pipework carrying refrigerant, leading to leaks that can render your heat pump useless. Replacing the entire heat pump is an expensive endeavour, and it’s a situation every homeowner or business owner would want to avoid. To understand more about the government’s efforts in promoting heat pump technology, read about the Heat Pump Ready Programme.

The Impact of Corrosion on Heat Pump Efficiency and Lifespan

Replacing the entire heat pump is an expensive endeavour, and it’s a situation every homeowner or business owner would want to avoid.

Proactive Solutions to Shield Your Heat Pumps

Fortunately, there’s a proactive solution: protective coatings. Applying a protective layer to your heat pump coils might have a tiny impact on efficiency and incur a small cost, but it prevents a significant and costly failure. When specifying a heat pump for your project, it’s crucial to consider this, as the coating must be applied during manufacture. Discover some of the successful projects that have benefited from such innovations.

The Importance of Protective Coatings for Heat Pump Coils

At Clade, we’ve got you covered. We can apply a protective coating to any of our heat pumps. Just specify your preference when placing your order, and you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is safeguarded against the corrosive forces of nature. Don’t wait until your heat pump is compromised – protect it from the start and enjoy worry-free heating and cooling. For further insights into the deployment of heat pumps, visit the Heat Pump Development & Deployment website or learn about the Carbon Trust’s Heat Pump Ready initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pump Coil Corrosion

Understanding heat pump coil corrosion is essential for maintaining the longevity and efficiency of your heating system. At Clade Engineering, we specialize in protecting heat pumps from the harsh effects of corrosion. Our expertise in combating heat pump coil corrosion ensures that your systems are more durable and perform better over time.

Learn more about the latest research on industry recommendations for protecting heat pump coil corrosion from Eurovent.