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How to do heat pump projects better

Heat pump project in action

At Clade we lead, we don’t follow. So, as innovators in green heating and cooling, we’re constantly searching for ways to do heat pump projects better.

Wondering what that looks like? Here are seven of the areas where we’re paving the way for better heat pump projects.

1. Natural refrigerants

The chances are you’re considering a heat pump because your business needs or wants to reduce its carbon footprint.

But did you know that the chemical refrigerants found in many heat pumps can be massively harmful to the environment?

When we talk about chemical refrigerants, we’re mostly referring to HFOs (hydrofluoro-olefins) and HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons).

HFCs are currently being phased out because they have an impact on climate change that’s thousands of times bigger than the same amount of carbon dioxide. Meanwhile, HFOs contain environmental toxins known as PFAS (Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances). These don’t break down naturally and show up in many watercourses where they poison wildlife and, in some areas, even endanger human life.

On the other hand, natural refrigerants are better for the environment, more efficient and even cost less than chemical refrigerants. So, they’re a win for everybody!

That’s why we only use natural refrigerants. In fact, we’re the leading manufacturer of natural refrigerant heat pumps in the UK.

2. End to end

Most heat pump companies just supply the product. But at Clade, we offer end-to-end heat pump services.

That means that when you choose a Clade heat pump, we’ll support you right from the design phase through to installation and even after-care if you want us to.

So, you won’t keep getting handed from person to person throughout the process. And you’ll know that the team installing and maintaining your heat pump knows the product inside out.

Not only that, but our end-to-end service is a great way to speed up the process and reduce your level of risk.

3. Design

Good design is fundamental to a successful heat pump project. If corners are cut during the design phase, you’re going to run into issues later down the line.

But, how can you as the building owner tell if the design is good quality?

The phrase used by Ronald Regan during the nuclear weapons negotiations seems pertinent – ‘trust but verify’.

It’s essential that you trust your design team to have the necessary expertise and to apply this to meet your requirements. But it’s also essential that you verify the design against your requirements.

The more detailed your requirements, the higher the probability of getting what you want. For example:

  • The way the heating will work with the building users to provide comfort. E.g. a change to low-temperature radiators would need explaining to users who are expecting hot radiators.
  • The specification of components. E.g. valves can be cheap and short-lived with poor control or expensive with a longer life and better control.
  • Have the major component manufacturers been consulted on the use of their equipment in the design?
  • Compliance with relevant regulatory requirements, in particular CDM risk assessments.

By systematically evaluating a design, you can make a well-rounded judgment on its quality. It’s also helpful to use peer reviews, expert consultations, and simulations.

At Clade, we can take on projects at any stage of the design process – whether it’s from concept or whether it’s making improvements to a stage three design done by a third-party designer consultancy. Since we provide an end-to-end service, you know you can always have the manufacturer’s input in the design process.

Propane heat pump system design

4. Performance guarantee

It can be scary investing in a heating system that you’ve never used before, particularly when the technology is relatively new. How can you be sure that your new heat pump is going to work as well as you need it to?

We believe that it’s only fair to offer a performance guarantee.

Following installation, commissioning and a 6-month run-in period, we’ll assess the actual performance of your heat pump against its predicted performance.

If the heat pump doesn’t meet the performance we guaranteed, we’ll refund you the cost of the heat pump and remove it from site. It’s as simple as that!

We’re able to offer this peace of mind to our customers because we offer a full, end-to-end service, which is unique in the industry.

Not only does it remove the risk of switching to a green heating system. But it also demonstrates our confidence in the product we offer.

5. Purpose

What if you knew that your heat pump project was having a positive impact on people and the planet?

We’re a certified B Corp, which means we’ve been verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

As a B Corp, we balance profit with purpose. And, we’re part of a community of businesses leading a global movement to make business a force for good.

That means that when you use Clade for your heating needs, you’re not just investing in an eco-friendly heating system. You also know that you’re having a positive impact on our employees, the communities we serve and the world we live in.

We are proud to be setting a precedent for responsible business practices and inspiring others in our industry to follow suit.

6. Manufactured in the UK

At Clade, all our heat pumps are manufactured in the UK and shipped from our Technology Centre in Leeds.

This comes with two main benefits.


Even though we’re confident in the design, manufacturing and installation of our products, there’s always a chance that things go wrong. Luckily, support is easy when you’re nearby!

We can provide 24/7 service engineering support, access to Clade’s technical helpdesk, and commissioning engineer attendance.

We can even offer regular maintenance of your heat pump to keep it in good working order, with yearly checks and services.

Carbon impact

Since we carry out all our manufacturing in the UK, there’s much less transport involved.

TM65 is a methodology for calculating the carbon impact of building services engineering. Clade scores better on this than anyone else in our industry, thanks to the fact that we’re UK-based.

Clade UK

7. Financing

Last but not least, one of the main pain points that comes with heat pump projects is the high upfront cost.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with clean heating specialists, Plug Me In, to offer heat pump finance.

You simply pay a single monthly fee to spread out the initial cost over 15 years.

Your fee includes a full service package with no hidden costs, our groundbreaking performance guarantee, access to a 24/7 call centre, emergency engineer callout and automated digital reporting.

This heat-as-a-service funding removes the barriers to green heating for the majority of businesses. And it makes replacing your existing heating system with our cutting-edge commercial heat pump technology completely risk-free.

Now that’s how to do heat pump projects better!

Let’s do heat pump projects better, together

As you can see, there’s more than one way to carry out a heat pump project. But we’re proud to be breaking new ground and leading the way when it comes to doing heat pump projects better.

Want to find out more about how we can help you with your switch to a natural refrigerant heat pump? Simply get in touch to chat about your requirements.