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How To Decarbonise Buildings

There are load of consultants and experts out there who can spend a lot of your cash to create a wonderful decarbonisation plan for your building.

For new buildings it is definitely worth spending time on embodied carbon, transport distances and many other sustainability factors. But, for most of us the building already exists.

The vast majority of the operational carbon footprint of an existing building is the energy it consumes. That’s usually electrical power and either fossil gas or oil.

Purchasing a zero carbon, renewable energy electrical tariff immediately decarbonises all the electrical consumption. Sure, you can also fit LED lights (no-brainer) to reduce consumption, grid burden and costs. But what about the fossil gas and oil which is almost entirely used for heating and hot water?

Here’s some options:

  • A bio-gas/oil supply or credits – expensive even if you can find them, no efficiency gain
  • Direct electrical e.g. infra-red heaters – cheap to buy the heaters, zero carbon on the right tariff, super expensive to run
  • Heat pump – 300 to 400% efficient, zero carbon on the right tariff, low carbon on a standard tariff, can leverage grid flexibility for even lower costs.
  • Decarbonising your building, and saving a few £ at the same time, need not be difficult; a heat pump and a zero carbon power tariff – job done 😊

Talk to us today if you want to know more about decarbonisation.