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Comparing Heat Pumps: Why Clade Offers Better £/KW Value

When it comes to comparing heat pumps, many factors come into play, such as ambient, flow, and return temperatures. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain why Clade Engineering Systems’ heat pumps offer better value for your money, especially in colder conditions.

Key Factors for Comparison

Ambient Temperature

The ambient temperature is a crucial factor that affects the performance of a heat pump. It’s essential to consider how a heat pump performs in different ambient conditions to make an informed decision.

Flow Temperature

Flow temperature is another key metric that can significantly impact the efficiency of a heat pump. Understanding this can help you choose a heat pump that meets your specific requirements.

Return Temperature

The return temperature is equally important in assessing a heat pump’s performance. It’s vital to consider this factor for a comprehensive comparison.

Why Clade’s Heat Pumps Are More Cost-Effective at -5°C

At Clade Engineering Systems, we believe in transparency and honesty. Unlike other manufacturers who use different design temperatures, all our heat pumps perform at full duty even at -5°C ambient temperature.

The True Cost: £/KW Analysis Between Clade and Competitors

While we may appear slightly more expensive at nameplate rating, the real value becomes evident in colder conditions. Specifically, our heat pumps are 19% cheaper per KW at -5°C. So, although competitors might seem like a cheaper option initially, they turn out to be more expensive when heat is most needed.


When comparing heat pumps, it’s crucial to look beyond the initial price tag. Factors like ambient, flow, and return temperatures play a significant role in determining the true cost per KW. Clade Engineering Systems offers heat pumps that not only perform optimally but also provide better value for money, especially at -5°C.

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