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What Is The Coefficient Of Performance OF A Heat Pump?

One of the big questions of the day, as the UK plans its strategy for decarbonising heat, is how to compare the…

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How Heat Pumps Can Help Decarbonise Social Housing With The SHDF

The UK Government has announced that it is releasing funding to help decarbonise social housing across the country, starting with £160m. This…

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How Heat Pumps Compare To Combined Heat & Power | Clade Blog

One of the most important aspects of a successful transition to a zero-carbon economy will be the technology we use to heat…

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Why We Have To Act Now On Decarbonisation | Clade Blog

In Mark Carney’s recent book Values there’s a startling section on the need for us to act now on carbon emissions. He…

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Why Use CO2 In A Heat Pump? | Clade Blog

This paper is intended to set out the technical basis for CO2 (R744) as the preferred working fluid for heat pumps. The…

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How Heat Pumps Compare To Gas Boilers | Clade Blog

Gas boilers are everywhere. 85% of homes in the UK are heated by carbon-heavy natural gas. In the non-residential sector, two thirds…

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How Heat Pumps Will Affect The Future Power Market | Clade Blog

It’s pretty much a given that every generation thinks they live in a period of great change. Our generation has the unlucky…

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How Heat Pumps Compare To Hydrogen Heating | Clade Blog

If we want to decarbonise our economy (which we do), then we have to decarbonise the way we heat our built environment.…

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How Heat Pumps Are Transforming Green Heating & Cooling Across Europe | Clade Blog

It might seem strange to claim that one of the key weapons in mankind’s fight against climate change was first invented in…

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