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Clade is the UKs leading manufacturer of natural refrigerant heat pumps. With significant R&D, field trials and a proven deployed portfolio of over 500 natural refrigerant appliances there are no other UK manufacturers that come close to Clade’s expertise and experience.

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If your business needs or wants to reduce its carbon footprint, heat pumps will be part of your future sooner or later.

Clade can design, deliver, install and maintain CO2 and propane heat pumps for a wide range of commercial use cases, and we have a proven track record of high quality manufacturing and excellent service.

Our CO2 & R290 Propane Heat Pumps



Low noise and easy to install – the 50KW Acer users CO2 as its refrigerant and delivers high temperatures, 70 to 80 degrees, as well as the high performance associated with CO2.



With our Acer Plant-Room you get everything you need to connect our 50kW Acer CO2 heat pump to your heat emitters and valves. We can also supply pre-selected heat emitters as radiators, unit heaters or a mix of both.



The Spruce is a combine air handling unit and CO2 heat pump with reciprocating compressors, using inverter technology, and a direct expansion CO2 heat transfer coil. Clade AHU / HP Combo units can produce an air off of 30℃ with an airflow of 8m3.



The Oak is our mid-scale CO2 heat pump design. It is suitable for continuous operation and at higher heating capacities for large buildings or processes for example; swimming pools, food production, district heating and factories.



The Beech is our largest CO2 heat pump, bespoke designed and manufactured for each project. Up to 1.4MW in a single unit and encompassing ground, air, water source as well as heat reclaim. Installed as separate evaporators and compressor stations with either glycol or refrigerant connections.



The Aspen is our hydrocarbon CO2 heat pump for smaller applications up to 200KW. Aspen is a more affordable low carbon solution for lower flow temperature but still delivering superb low-carbon heat service and a low GWP refrigerant.

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To give our heat pumps customers complete peace of mind. Following installation, commissioning and a 6 month run-in period the actual performance will be assessed against predicted performance. If the heat pump does not meet the guaranteed performance we will refund the cost of the heat pump and remove it from site.

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Clade Engineering offers air, ground, and water source heat pumps and refrigeration that use eco-friendly CO2 coolant and can operate either singly or as part of a multi-unit system.

International Heat Pump Suppliers

Clade Engineer Systems design, supply, install and maintain commercial heat pumps across Europe and in Australia. All our heat pumps are made in the UK and shipped from our Technology Centre in Leeds.

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As a national provider of refrigeration contracting excellence, Clade has established itself as a leading supplier to the food manufacturing, distribution & retail sectors.

With the ability to design, manufacture, install and maintain, Clade is a ‘one stop shop’ for all our customers’ refrigeration requirements. Clade brings over thirty five years of knowledge and skill to industry, supporting customers as they aim to thrive in a low carbon economy.


The Clade CO2 Micro pack is a 20-70 kW single temperature, refrigeration pack that has been developed for smaller Food Retail applications such as Convenience stores. This product delivers CO2 performance at a competitive cost.


The Clade CO2 Max pack is a 200kW-1mW refrigeration pack that can be supplied as LT only, MT only or a dual temperature variant. With several component selection options, including compressors, controls, enclosure, gas cooler etc.


The Birch heat pump is part of our R290 range, fitting easily into existing systems to provide hot water up to 60°C. Ideal for quiet areas, Birch standard low-noise models are the quietest and most affordable options.


The Alder range of R290, medium temperature chillers are designed to deliver a fluid temperature range from -10°C to +6°C and a capacity range from 10 kw to 400 kw. Primarily used for commercial and industrial process cooling applications.


The Clade CO2 Universal pack is a 40-220 kW dual temperature refrigeration pack that can be universally adapted to meet a given requirement. With various options on component selections, housing requirements, close-coupled gas cooler selections.


The Clade CO2 Combi-Pack is a 70-320 kW dual temperature refrigeration pack designed for ease of installation and simplicity. Combines a high efficiency CO2 pack with a low noise, weatherproofed housing and gas cooler to streamline the installation process.


The Clade CO2 Continental rack is a 40-200 kW dual temperature refrigeration rack that has been designed for ultimate efficiency. Incorporating the option for parallel compression to enhance COP’s, it’s an ideal choice for warmer climates.

Performance Guaranteed

Performance Guaranteed

UK Manufactured

UK Manufactured

Natural Refrigerants

Natural Refrigerants

Full Service

Full Service

High Efficiencies and High Temperatures

High Efficiencies & High Temperatures


We have experience in everything from research and development, through design and install, to aftercare and maintenance. Our customers benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that Clade will be there to help every step of the way.

We design heat pump systems and refrigeration units that improve the efficiency of your property, whether it’s residential, agricultural, commercial, or industrial. With heat pump installations tailored specifically to your business, we’ll design a system that meets all your requirements.

Clade Engineering has manufactured and supplied heat pumps and refrigeration units to commercial, industrial, and domestic properties for 30 years. As innovators in heating and cooling, we use our engineering expertise to create more sustainable heat pump solutions.

As industry leaders in heating and cooling, Clade’s heat pump installers provide unparalleled service and a commitment to detail that only experts could offer. We can install your new heat pump or refrigeration system exactly to your specifications, either independently or as part of our comprehensive system design, manufacture, install, and maintenance service.

As part of our comprehensive heat pump service, we provide maintenance after we install one of our CO2 or propane heat pumps or refrigeration units in your facility. If you have one of our qualified engineers inspect your system yearly, you’ll prolong the life of your system..

The Clade team recognise that simply manufacturing, installing and handing over an item of plant or completed system is no longer enough. As such, we guarantee customers’ peace of mind for the long term through our comprehensive after sales support package. We’ll be there when you need us throughout a system’s life cycle.

Through integrated refrigeration and heating solutions Clade’s R&D team are leading the way in the use of reduced energy, low carbon products combined to supply heating and cooling. Based in our Green Technology Hub in Leeds the team are also able to advise our customers on the latest legislative changes.


At Clade we lead, we don’t follow. We proactively find ways to innovate in the heating and cooling industry so that we can halt and reverse the effects of global warming. We recognise the immense responsibility our generation has and we take it as a challenge. Our mission: a carbon neutral world, made possible by Clade technology.


We’re proud to be a Certified B Corp. The prestigious certification is a huge milestone for Clade that underscores our unwavering commitment to social and environmental responsibility. As a B Corp, we’re part of an esteemed network of companies globally recognised for our positive impact on society and the environment. Together, we’re leading a global movement for an economy that benefits all – one that balances profit with purpose.

This means that, when you work with us, you know you’re having a positive impact on people and the planet.


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Our CO2 heat pumps are designed for energy efficiency and high performance in both smaller spaces and larger properties.


High-quality products require high-quality manufacturing. We use precise engineering and the highest quality materials to supply CO2 heat pumps optimised for long-term performance.


We provide full installation of your new CO2 heat pump. Our installation team causes as minimal disruption to your property as possible and ensures your heat pump is fully functional before leaving the site.


Clade provides ongoing maintenance for our CO2 heat pumps, which includes regular surveys and repair services. You can customise your support with our After Sales Support packages as well.


Our support services include commissioning engineer attendance, 24/7 service engineering support and access to Clade’s technical helpdesk during the products’ warranty period and beyond.

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With its internal Research & Development team based at Clade’s Technology Hub in Leeds the company is available to advise its customers on the latest legislative changes.



The energy transition is a pathway toward transformation of the global energy sector from fossil-based to zero-carbon by the second half of this century. At its heart is the need to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions to limit climate change.

We are committed to doing our bit. Read more about our ESG policy and thoughts regarding the energy transition below.


We have worked with some very well known client to improve their heating and cooling systems and deliver decarbonisation programmes. Here are just a few:

Customer Logos

Wm. Morrison Supermarkets Plc

“I was really impressed with how A1 handled a health a safety threatening situation over the weekend, going above and beyond their call of duty to make sure a situation was resolved.

This should have gone to quote but would have taken much longer to resolve, so they did the work upfront and also took care of elements which was not their responsibility, great team work.”

Katherine Swift – Property Maintenance Team, Wm Morrison Supermarkets – May 2015


“Over the past year TRIOS and A1 Engineering Solutions have worked closely together in delivering service to a range of retail and non-retail customers. A1 has proven to be a reliable partner and demonstrated its ability to react quickly and efficiently to customer requests and problems. Through system usage and great communication A1 has rapidly evolved as a partner of choice to TRIOS. The fact that A1 has both service and installation capabilities has given TRIOS confidence that we can rely on them in every situation, where our customers have a refrigeration or mechanical problem. A1 repeatedly demonstrates its customer focused credentials and continues to give great focus and service to TRIOS and our customers.”

Jeff Alden – Managing Director, Trios Group – April 2015

Wm. Morrison Supermarkets Plc

“A1 have completed new installations on large stores, and refurbishment work within our main estate, and have many more planned in the future.

Their communication, efficiency and can do attitude make them a key strategic partner in our future within both M-Local and main estate. The key to their success with Morrisons is their transparency, and honesty. Nothing is hidden, and no conversations are off limits, they, as a team, are willing to bring new ideas to the table to make efficiencies, and also accept learnings from other teams to improve themselves.

I have absolutely no qualms in recommending them for any work, and hope that you consider them as the added benefit they can bring is invaluable.”

Tom Monaghan – Construction PM & Programme Manager, Wm Morrison Supermarkets – March 2015

Wm. Morrison Supermarkets Plc

“Morrisons Chorley was a large project planned for 14 weeks but completed in 13 weeks. A1 certainly played its part in a strong team which delivered this project to a high standard.”

Colin Priestley – Wm Morrison Supermarkets – December 2014

CTS Shopfitting Ltd

“We have worked with A1 on numerous Co-op projects throughout many years and find them to be very professional and reliable with excellent communication both on and off site. The project management team work alongside ourselves and are very proactive when required.”

Martyn Clark – CTS Shopfitting Ltd – November 2014

Key Property Solutions Ltd

“Thank you for the excellent work you did at M-Local Doncaster. It made a refreshing to change to come across a contractor who could adapt to change as speedily as yourselves and reacted pro-actively to anything that was required. I look forward to working with A1 again in the future.”

Lol Johansen – Key Property Solutions Ltd (Bowmer & Kirkland subsidiary) – October 2014


“A1 Refrigeration (now A1 Engineering Solutions) has worked for The Co-operative Group for over 12 years. In this period they have delivered a large number of projects, some of these being high profile developments which have been installed to a very high standard indeed. Their willingness to help and Give support to the client, associated suppliers and the wider industry is noticeable, whilst they also take the time to give valuable feedback on new innovations and products. They have proved themselves in all instances to be a partner and a contractor that repeatedly delivers to the highest standards.”

Bill Watson – The Co-operative Group May 2013


“Its has been refreshing for a new contractor to approach Morrisons and to then deliver to the standards expected. A1 Refrigeration (now A1 Engineering Solutions) has supported Morrison’s in a variety of its work streams and more recently in our M-Local expansion. A1 has proved itself to be dedicated, resourceful and have the capability to react positively to any request or problem presented to them.

They have installed a number of high profile projects for Morrison’s and have brought very positive ideas. When asked to look at our stores from a value engineering perspective they successfully delivered positive results that proved there thinking outside the box, in the past 3 years A1 Refrigeration have also proven themselves to be a strong, reliable and attentive contractor with quality at its core.”

Colin Coe – Morrisons June 2013


“A1 Refrigeration (now A1 Engineering Solutions) have proved themselves to be a competent and diligent contractor for Marks and Spencer, their work has been delivered to a high standard with quality being the focus. Their deliver of M&S high profile stores has surpassed performance expectations. A1 has proved itself as a growing contractor with a bright future.”

Peter Garner – Marks & Spencer June 2013


Here are some case studies detailing the work we have done for our clients and the results they experienced.

Ruskin School Project

Normanton Pool


Plug Me In

Welcome to a cleaner, net-zero future, powered by Clade’s commercial heat-as-a-service. in collaboration with plug me in, we’re revolutionising the smart energy landscape for businesses.


We’ve written about the public sector decarbonisation scheme, and how you can get the most out of your PSDS heat pump project.


The UK Government has released £160m of funding to accelerate the decarbonisation of social housing. Read more about it here.


To help with the decision to make a purchase we can offer a financed heating system that moves the capital expense to an operational expense as a service charge.


Clade Engineering is able to provide heat pumps as either air, ground, or water source. The most suitable type of heat pump depends on several factors related to your property. Generally, air source heat pumps are the most popular because they have the fewest requirements to install. Any type of heat pump can provide hot water and heating to your building.

Heat pumps using CO2 refrigerant as the heat source are friendly to the environment because the CO2 they use stays contained within the appliance and does not get released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, the CO2 we use in our heat pumps has the lowest global warming potential (GWP) of 1 compared to 1000’s for other refrigerants which will all significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your building.

Clade are the industry leaders in heat pump technology. As the heat in buildings challenge became clearer, Clade began the R&D for a new range of heat pumps which would provide a solution for a growing market. The first heat pump was installed in a Co-Op store and achieved a staggering SCOP of 3.7. We have over 36 years of experience and all of our systems are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Our heat pumps meet environmental standards by using a natural refrigerant like CO2. It has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1, which reduces both cost and emissions.

Clade offers a full start to finish heat pumps solution. Our team of engineers design your system, manufacture and supply your heat pumps from our product range, our installation team ensures your heat pump is fully functional and our after sales support team provides ongoing maintenance. You can pick and choose as many or as few of our services to suit your requirements.

We ensure that your heat pump system continues to function. Our heat pumps can generate heat from 50kW to multi mega-watt, with a maximum water temperature of over 80 degrees Celsius and a minimum external air temperature of -20 degrees Celsius. Each of our heat pumps also comes with total cooling recovery to ensure a high quality of continued functionality.


Speak with our team of experts and discuss your requirements. Complete this quick form and we will be in touch or contact us using:

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